Friday, November 26, 2010

First birthday giveaway....

... come and see what we are up to! Tell us why you LOVE mixed media art!

MixedMediaArt Birthday Giveaway

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Come and see Jen's amazing drawings...

Jen Lemen has a gorgeous blog and creates the most amazing and inspirations drawings. It is well worth a visit!

Hope you are finding some time to create....

Michelle @ Mixed Media Art

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mixed Media Backgrounds

Creating backgrounds is the fun part of mixed media work.

Check out this super-quick resistance technique! It's great for creating lots of backgrounds for Christmas cards or invitations.

Happy creating,
Mixed Media Arts team

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Friday, November 12, 2010

A few of our favourite things….

… can be found in our Ephemera kits ~ now with updated descriptions. We wanted to let you know WHY these pieces have come together.

Still at the same great value and it INCLUDES postage to anywhere in the world - you've gotta love that!

The complete instructions to make the cute purple canvas are on the Mixed media art website.

With the holiday season approaching, we will be removing these kits for sale from Dec 9th, so we can make sure you receive your kits before Christmas and there won't be any disappointment while we are on vacation over the holiday period!

Hope you find some time to create today!
Michelle and the Mixed Media Arts team

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mixed Media Journalling

Mixed Media Art Journals give you permission to create and reflect by combining the timeless art of writing down your thoughts with the fun and messiness of the mixed media art genre.

From my research and travels of the internet there seems to be three different approaches:
1. Prepare a layout, then write
2. Write then decorate
3. Write then incorporate into the layout

For more details, see Mixed Media Journals at Mixed Media Arts website.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Mixed Media Collages by Christine Adolph

Christine Adolph has an amazing range of products and after attending a recent quilting festival, commented on her blog that it was:

filled with mixed media and surface design classes. This shows that this trend is viable... Seeing the popularity of this art form through publications such as Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studio shows that mixed media is here to stay!

And that can only mean good things for product development and supporting new talent across a range of mixed media styles.

The two gorgeous mixed media collages created by Christine can be seen on her blog.

Happy creating,
Mixed Media Art team

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adding Texture to Resin

Kristen Robinson has made a video, showing us this advanced mixed media art technique, on how to add texture to resin:

Adding texture to ICE Resin® is one of my favorite ways to alter the glass like surface. A wee bee of divots strategically placed as well as a dollop of paint and viola a new look is created.

The video shows each step needed to complete this technique!

Happy creating,
Mixed Media Art team

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mixed Media Artist ~ woven fabric

Cyndi has created this great woven fabric background, which can be made with either fabric or paper, or a combination of both.

Happy creating!
Michelle and the Mixed Media Art team

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mixed Media Technique sheets...

are turning our attention to the gift-giving season and presenting a simple technique for creating your own book - keep it and turn it into a lovely art journal, or give it to a friend; the choice is yours....

BUT you must be on our mailing list to receive this fantastic technique sheet, so join up now: Mailing list at Mixed Media Art

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CreshenDoh and Pam Carriker's New online art class...

... An Angels Anthology. Check the website for all of the details!

This looks like my chance to learn to draw faces! Starts November 8th.

Michelle & MMA Team

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mixed Media Art Ephemera Kits on Etsy

The Mixed Media Arts team are excited to announce we have ephemera kits for sale on Etsy! Each kit contains a heap of items, including 7 different text sheets, fibres and an array of embellishments - all perfect for creating a huge array of mixed media art or adding to your mixed-media collection. Come and have a look!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mixed Media Patterns

When we see with crafting eyes, there are patterns everywhere we can use as inspiration. Happy creating,
Mixed Media Art

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Wrap-Up for Mixed Media Art

As September is drawing to a close, I wanted to remind you of the fun we have had at Mixed Media Arts this month.

Wendy Whipple shared her Altered Book Art Journal with us, showing her colourful layouts.

Creating stencils from photos was our topic for Mixed Media Art Technique sheet 06 - I had such fun putting this layout together. I hope you have had a chance to play with stencils you have cut from photos.

And we looked at tips and tricks for making LOTS of ATCs if you are heading off to a craft show or class. It is great to have small pieces of art to swap. It allows us to share our contact details and our work, both in one go.

I am also working on a piece of sample art to show what I can do with the ephemera kits we have for sale over at Etsy. If you haven't checked out the Mixed Media Art Etsy shop yet, come and have a look. This is the first lot of ephemera kits, which we had fun putting together and we will have more out soon, so you can stock up on ephemera before the pre-Christmas rush starts. Our aim is to provide kits at reasonable prices to make them as accessible to everyone as possible - and the price includes postage too!

Happy Creating everyone!

Michelle and the Mixed Media Arts Team

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Article: How creative geniuses think.

How creative geniuses think.

As it turns out, creative geniuses have a good number of ideas floating through their head at any given time. But so do you. The difference between an average thinker and a creative genius, is that the genius knows when to pursue an idea and when to drop it (after recording it in a notebook for reference, of course).

An intetesting read - how many of you keep a notebook or sketchbook handy? Sounds like it may be the key to creativity...

Mixed Media Art Team

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Stencil-from-photo Photo

For those of you that had fun with the tree stencil, I have found this great wing shape; perfect for printing out and turning into a stencil. Happy creating,

Mixed Media Art Team

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seattle: Artfest Annex Open House

Mixed-Media artist Teesha Moore has announced the Artfest Annex Open House

I... wanted to invite anyone from the greater seattle area to Pioneer Square next Sunday, Sept. 26th from 1:00-4:00 for an open house of our new Artfest Annex.  This new venture will include classes and monthly meetings (topics include lomography, sewing, journaling, first thursdays, etc.).  We want to introduce you to all the stuff we have planned.  So, come on over and say hi if you're in the area.  It's located at 89 Yesler #201.

So if you are in the Seatlle area (or can get yourself there) then check it out - and report back!


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Article: Tips and Tricks for Better Mixed Media Art Composition

Tips and Tricks for Better Collage Art Composition

With collage and mixed media artworks there is often a tendency to want to include all the wonderful elements that have been gathered, so learning to recognize which elements are essential to include and which are extraneous is the one of the major keys to creating professional looking compositions whether in collage or other types of artwork.

Interesting article,

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Monday, September 13, 2010

MMAT06 Out this week!

For those on our mailing list, Mixed Media Art Technique Sheet 06 will be out this week. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for!?! It's free and you will have inspiration delivered directly to your Inbox.

Come and visit Mixed Media Art to sign up...

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Article: Artist Trading Card Ideas for Miniature Collectible Artwork

Artist Trading Card Ideas for Miniature Collectible Artwork

Artist trading cards (ATCs) are small, original pieces of art that are traded from one person to the next. If you would like to start making your own artist trading cards, or you need some inspiration for you next batch, here are some artist trading card ideas to get your creative juices pumping.

Give these a try - they don't need to take a lot of time. Just get creating. Mixed Media Art Team

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mixed-media artist Nina Bagley is coming Down Under..

Mixed Media Art is very excited to announce that Nina Bagley is heading to New Zealand and Australia to teach at the Glenorchy Art Retreat. It will be held over 4 days in July 2011. 

Spend  four glorious days in beautiful Glenorchy, in the South Island of New Zealand, or in lovely Dwellingup, Perth, Australia,  learning a wide variety of different “framing” techniques to create shallow shadowboxes on vintage book covers from such everyday items as dowel rods, box tops, matchboxes, and mica. 

For all the details, see the Glenorchy Art Retreat website.

Happy creating!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gorgeous "Studio Garden" blog...

Michelle at Mixed Media Art has stumbled across the lovely blog of Christine Adolph - "The Studio Garden". It includes her new releases of papers and such, as well as her inspiring artwork.... so come and check it out!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Mixed Media Jewelry Inspiration

Click here to download:
Nina_Bagley (55 KB)

This week's inspiration comes form Nina Bagley and her "Ornamental" blog.  She makes the most amazing mixed media jewelry!

Hope this inspires you to create something today!

Mixed Media Arts Team

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sign-ups open for Artfest 2011

Mixed Media Art is excited to let you know that sign ups for Teesha Moore's Artfest 2011 are open.

It is held over three days, April 6 - 10, 2011 at Port Townsend, Washington, USA.

All detail are on the Artfest 2011 page.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mixed-Media Art meets Vintage Haby

Michelle from the Mixed Media Art team has found the cutest vintage haberdashery store in Melbourne, Australia.

L'uccello is located at The Nicholas Building (37 Swanston Street) in Melbourne's CBD. It is open on Thursday & Friday 10 - 6 and Saturday 10 - 4.

For more information, see the l'uccello blog.

Happy Creating!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Image Transfers for Mixed Media Art

Incorporating image transfers into your mixed media art is a brilliant way to blend images with the background, creating wonderful effects - some expected and some not expected!

Cyndi has written an article for us, all about Getting Started with Image Transfers, and has offered us 7 different methods to try.

Happy Creating,
Michelle and the Mixed Media Art team

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Special offer for the weekend....

Hello fellow crafters and mixed media artists....

Are you a little lost and looking for that extra boost of inspiration and creativity?

Well, over at Mixed Media Art, we have a special offer for you (but only for this weekend!?!)

Sign up to our newsletter and received your F*R*E*E copy of Artella Mae's Altered Ancestors.

We are actually celebrating 1,000 "likes" at our Facebook Page, where we share going's on at MMA and add links to other inspirational crafting websites.

Sign up for F*R*E*E ebook


Check out our Facebook page

Whichever you choose, I hope it leads to that inspiration you are looking for!

Michelle and the Mixed Media Art team

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mixed Media Artist Jenny Crossley

Jenny Crossley is one of Australia’s finest Mixed Media Artists. Her approach to Mixed Media Art is all about finding unlikely treasures and everyday objects and turning them into brilliant pieces of artwork or jewelry. To read more about her exciting art

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mixed Media Art Technique Sheets

The Mixed Media Arts team regularly compiles technique sheets on a variety of mixed media techniques. These are also come with a freebie, which is often a background sheet or image made using the technique. You can print it out and use it as a starting point for your own mixed media art creation.

To have these technique sheets delivered conveniently to your Inbox, come and join our mailing list.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dispelling the "I can't do it" Myths of Creativity

There are times when we feel like we just can't create - whether it is that we don't have enough time, don't have the skills that we want or that we don't have the paints or paper or latest gadgets. Over at Mixed Media Arts we are doing our best to dispel those "I can't do it" myths of creativity.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Considered Selling Your Crafts Online?

Ever considering selling your crafts online but didn't know where to begin?

Michelle from Craft Business Online (not to be confused with our Michelle at Mixed Media Arts) has put together a 4-week "online craft business" video training and implementation program. The program outlines how to do your research, creating the website, getting traffic to your website and "everything else you need to know" over four modules.

The above link outlines all you need to know. The price for the 4-week course is $247 (USD) and they are also offering a payment plan. There are lots of bonuses included, so check out the site for full details.

Michelle herself started out with the Creative Quilting and Quilting Weekly websites, which she still runs, so she knows a thing or two about selling crafts online. She is also a mother of 5 children!!! And she's really nice ~ I met her earlier this year.

I hope this is food for thought for those of you who have toyed with the idea of expanding your crafting and creating activities.

Happy Creating!
Michelle and the Mixed Media Art team

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

quiet prelude ~ Nina Bagley

quiet prelude

Night owl 1

Gorgeous work from Nina Bagley, along with my favourite poem!
See more here

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adding beading to your collages

Isn't this just gorgeous! When I see pieces like this, it reminds me that MIXED MEDIA art can have all sorts of mixed media in it! To see more head over to the Mixed Media Artist blog

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Book Review: The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole

Calling all artistic and creative mothers: Do you need help to fit everything into your busy lives?

This is the book for you!

Full of instructions, photos and stories of how other artistic mothers fit it all in, this book will be a companion for years to come! Read more here


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Friday, March 5, 2010

Come and Join our Mailing List

The team over at Mixed Media Art now have a mailing list.

So what can you expect?

As well as regular e-mails, containing all sorts of inspiring articles about Mixed Media Art and fantastic mixed media techniques, there will be exclusive freebies, give aways and a chance to join the team as a guest artist!

So come and join in the fun and…..

Get Creating!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Using Digital Images in Mixed Media Art

Images, particularly of people and by-gone eras, are an intrinsic part of many mixed media artworks; they bring a focal point to our pieces and help to tell the story or express the emotion we are trying to convey. Having these images available to us in digital format opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Why use digital images?

Digital images offer convenient storage as compared to pages and pages of pre-printed images, photos and postcards, and allows the storage of many images in a lot less space. By having these pictures on file, we can resize and print them as needed. This will ensure they are always just the right size for the project you are working on.

When purchasing digital images, often you can download them straight away so you don't have to wait for the postman to arrive; the pictures are there, ready to be printed out and used almost instantly. Digital images can also be cheaper than purchasing preprinted images. Having your own coloured printer is the easiest way to print these images but selecting the ones you want and going down to your local coloured printing store can still be a convenient and cost effective way to create hard copies of these pictures.

Using digital copies of treasured family photos and historically significant documents is a way of using these pieces in your artwork without altering the originals. There are for's and against's for using original photos and documents in your artwork; we'll leave that conversation for another time.

Where to find digital images?

With thanks to the Internet, there are vast resources out there on the world wide web. Some of these images are offered for free; some sites would like you to add your own image to contribute to the pool of images, others are happy to be able to share what they have with the wider mixed media art community, others simply would like you to acknowledgment where you found the image, to advertise their site to others.

The world of blogging has also given the average person a chance to have their own space on the www. Not only are these great places to see others artwork, meet new people and participate in fantastic challenges, some bloggers post their personal images to share with their visitors.

For the connoisseur of digital images, you can also purchase the digital pictures, either to download directly from the internet, or to be posted to you, on compact disks. These are often laid out on a standard size of paper which makes the printing of your images much easier. Individual images are readily imported into your favourite software package, allowing you to resize or digital alter the images before printing.

Mixed Media Art Resources
page lists some places you can visit to add to your digital image collection.

How to use digital images

Printing these digital images allows them to be used in collages and other mixed media artwork as you would any other picture. More details on how to download and import images will be included in the next article.

Things to know about Digital Images
The size of a digital image will make a huge difference as to what it will look like what it is printed out. As a rule of thumb, any images less than 100kb aren't worth messing around with, unless you are looking to print them really small (for an ATC, moo card or inchies, for example). Sticking with larger images will allow you greater freedom to resize them and still get a good quality image when printed.

What about Digital Art?
Digital art is a fairly new addition to the Mixed Media Art community. It is gaining popularity very quickly; amazing pieces of artwork can be make with these techniques and you are only limited by your imagination and ability to manipulate the software. Some digital images are trimmed especially to be incorporated into digital art; they will have the border cut to the outline of the image, so you don't need to worry about the background of the image.

In Summary
Digital images are an important part of many mixed media artworks, helping us to tell the story and express the emotion we are want to convey in our piece. The pictures available to us in this format opens up all sorts of possibilities. So have a poke around the internet and...

Get Creating!

Come visit us at Mixed Media Art for project ideas.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Altered Page: Shine On

The Altered Page: Shine On

Here is some gorgeous work to check out - mixed media art is all of its glory!